Beautifully decorated Thanksgiving table with thank you card next to place sitting

Does Thanksgiving Day bring fond memories to your food servers?

“As soon as the trees begin to turn into a glorious canvas of autumn colors, I begin to think of Thanksgiving Day. I mean this year’s Thanksgiving Day to come, based on all the previous ones I remember. I love that Day and think it is my favorite holiday of the year because it is all about gathering around the … Continue reading

Do Your Food Servers Give Individual Attention?

When a friend who taught occupational therapy suffered a stroke and wound up in a nursing home for permanent and long term care, she learned a new way to look at what she had been teaching for many years. As her progress restored her to a normal life again she wrote notes about her experience so improvements could be made … Continue reading

Do You Have Bullies in Your Community?

My friend told me “I admit that I was eavesdropping in a restaurant when I heard the word ‘bullying’ mentioned. Expecting to hear a story about kids in school I was quite surprised when they were talking about a senior community not too far away. Claiming territory in the dining room seemed to be the most common. Some tables were … Continue reading

Do Your Servers Exude Hospitality?

A writer friend, who enjoys traveling solo, says she prefers staying at B & B style inns rather than hotels when she goes to Great Britain. There is such a huge difference even though hotels also extend courtesy and consideration. She said, “It is usually like having your Aunt Millie inviting you to stay with her. This would be the … Continue reading

Do Your Food Servers Know the Hospitality Skills to Help Personalize the Dining Hour?

Teenagers looking for jobs during the summer and school vacation times often apply at retirement communities. One in particular was a boy working in the kitchen. When he started, he had no other thoughts than earning money toward future education.  His entire attitude changed when residents became interested in him. They took the time to ask his opinions about events.  … Continue reading

Do you have days when nothing goes right?

There are days when any commercial kitchen can run into problems. Electrical systems shut down for some unknown reason, the fresh vegetable supply didn’t come in, the chef took ill, the sous chef has poison ivy, and so on. Can those problems be fixed?  A back-up system works, the day’s menu is adjusted, the second or third in command steps … Continue reading

Food Serving Experience

Ambiance in the dining room is vital to success in the community. That means a food serving staff working together, cheerfully, enjoying the work they do. Dining seniors will respond in kind to that attitude if they see it every mealtime. Forward-thinking providers and administrators see the wisdom and value of arming their food serving staff with skills that improve … Continue reading

Kind Dining

Does a bully ruin your community dining room?

A friend told me about her friend Anne starting a new job as a food server in a senior living community. She ran smack into a bully that pulled gloom down over everyone in the dining room. It was a sad place to be. She boldly criticized every other food server trying to get the residents to laugh at them. … Continue reading

Kind Dining in Assisted Living Pays

Leading the Troops

Seniors telling their stories is an important part of who they are as they evolve into their elder years. I heard a WWII veteran tell his story on NPR’s StoryCorp. He was part of a platoon who had to come up with ideas on deception; how to fool the enemy into believing misinformation. One of the tools they used was … Continue reading

Do your residents ask for fresh fruits and vegetables?

This time of year when seeds are planted in freshly tilled soil excitement blossoms in the air. The promise of fresh vegetables growing and ready to harvest before we know it is an exciting part of satisfying residents in your community. This brings me to think of the Farm-to-Table programs I’ve seen in senior living communities. The concept has grown … Continue reading