Do Your Food Servers Create an Ambiance in the Dining Room?

Linda’s mother Anna moved from her retirement community after living there for only a year. “I never really felt at home there.” She said. “This new community that Linda found made me feel like they were truly happy to have me here. I’m greeted in the dining room with a smile, a how-are-you-settling-in-so-far? The food servers recognized my being new, … Continue reading

Does the Service you Give Have the Power to Build Community?

A friend told me about Claire, a college student who was hired as a food server in a nearby assisted living community for the summer months. She said she had worked with serving food when she was hired but it wasn’t very long before her nervousness caused her to spill a bowl of soup in the dining room during a … Continue reading

Are Your Food Servers Alert and Considerate?

A friend’s mother-in-law, Minnie, decided on retirement living a year after her husband passed away.  On her first visit to the dining room she spotted one of those don’t even think about sitting here looks from a snooty looking woman where one chair was vacant at her table. Minnie was not upset or perplexed at all. She had been employed … Continue reading

Do You Set Higher Standards for Your Dining Room?

If you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards. Many changes are taking place in the community of today. Over thirty years ago when I began my career in healthcare food service, I entered the field at the lower end. I recall feeling the sting of being unappreciated for the work that I did. Was I wasting my time, just clocking … Continue reading

Is There A New Resident in Your Dining Room Today?

A friend told me about an acquaintance of hers who was widowed unexpectedly. Her husband had not been ill or shown any sign of the heart seizure that took his life. She was bereft. He took care of all the finances, maintenance of the house, and other responsibilities. She waited a period of time as her friends advised her to … Continue reading

Do You Have Bullies in Your Dining Room?

Walk into many elementary school buildings these days and you’ll notice posters and banners advocating being a friend not a bully. It is best and easiest to change negative attitudes early in life, opening the minds of children to show kindness and friendliness. Children’s books are directed to guide them toward these same goals. But what do you do with … Continue reading

Do You Love to Come to Work?

A friend of mine told me of a conversation she had recently. She asked her friend what it is about her job that makes her love going to work. The friend replied, “My coworkers are happy to see me and greet me with a hearty Good Morning! What a great way to begin my work day! I know who I … Continue reading

Are You Speaking Kindly to Your Plants?

If speaking kindly to plants helps them grow, imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do.     A friend saw this sign hanging in a winter garden and knowing how I champion the word and the act of being kind, emailed me immediately. After a generation or two of Me First, Kindness is coming back in style!  It has always been … Continue reading

Do You Involve Your Serving Teams?

My friend said that when she was growing up she was exposed to other ethnicities, especially at the dining room table and especially during the Christmas holiday season. I appreciate her sharing her experience and carry that image when I conduct my Kind Dining® training. It’s that hospitality I would love to see in every community and again, especially during … Continue reading

Do Your Residents Glow With Joy During the Holiday Season?

In helping her mother find the best retirement/assisted living community that would fit her personality, a friend of mine decided the best time to look was during the Christmas holidays. She paid special attention to the dining room. She learned a contest was held for the residents to make the decorations for the tables. The staff held a decorating social … Continue reading