Your Team of Servers Working Smoothly and Hassle-Free

A friend of mine told me that when he wanted to wait tables in a well-known, upscale restaurant, he first dined there, choosing the busiest time of the evening for his visit. He was interested in the quality and presentation of the food for the high price he was paying.  Even more than that, he was interested in watching the … Continue reading

Your Dining Room and Resident Satisfaction

When a friend of mine was widowed all her friends gathered around her to give her comfort. They also agreed among themselves that she would be included in all their functions in the future so she would not feel left out, even though they were couples and she was not anymore. After 6 months of being stuck on the end … Continue reading

Does Your Dining Room Give Resident Satisfaction?

As a friend and I were reminiscing about our teen years, she mentioned the agony of walking into a school dance and not knowing what to do, where to go and hoping someone would come to her rescue. A single or widowed resident may feel that same agony when entering your campus dining room if she finds all tables are … Continue reading

Does Your Community Dining Room Feel Like Home to Your Residents?

A Sense of Home When I was growing up I was encouraged to invite a special friend to join us at lunch or dinner. This was a bonding factor in our friendship. It told her, without words, that she was special and belonged in the nucleus of our family. It has long been held that the dining table is the … Continue reading

Are Your Servers Just Acting Hospitable, or Do They Have a Genuine Attitude of Hospitality?

Hospitality Made Easy Hospitality is much easier than your servers may think. Starting the day with a positive attitude, knowing this will make life easier for others, and smoother for them, is a win-win situation. A smile is contagious even to people who think they have nothing to smile about today. On a daily basis the dining room is the … Continue reading

Are Your Servers Full of Hospitality?

Hospitality Made Easy Growing up I was fortunate enough to interact with guests at our dinner table often. I learned naturally how to enjoy and extend hospitality. Later when I was a food service director I realized that others were not so lucky.  I saw that my co-workers desperately needed those skills.  My Masters in Nutrition and Food Management revealed … Continue reading

Are Your Servers Confident With Knowing Their Goal and Role?

Your Role in  Hospitality Remember to let your staff carry the pride of their community while fulfilling their role when serving in the dining room. Their performance matters! A successful dining room is more than correctly placing plates in front of a resident. Knowing residents by name while proudly wearing their own name tag makes it easier when they introduce … Continue reading

Do Your Servers Know the Importance of Their Role!?

Importance of Knowing the Goal and Your Role Anyone that looks will notice a team that works smoothly together whether you attend a catered party or dine out in the new rave restaurant in the next town over. It’s the difference in an Olympic couple dancing on the ice or the jerky movements of a marionette on a string. You … Continue reading

Are Your Servers Practicing Their Skills Every Time They Serve?

Stop, Look & Listen; Where Can You Improve Service? When I was a child and trains carried the heavy load that tractor-trailers do now, there were a lot of railroad tracks to cross, enough to plant the phrase that I still carry in my mind. Today it makes me think of the community dining room. The servers that are at … Continue reading