Looking for hospitality training? 100 people experienced Kind Dining® in January, here are 6 of the top comments:

1. I enjoyed being here….. I learned something I never thought of. Cindy made it interesting in a way that made me listen and learn. 2. Lots of good information for all levels of staff. 3. Cindy was really able to keep the groups attention by having us interact. I really liked that..it was informative and brought clarity on several … Continue reading

January 2012 Kind Dining Connection

Read the January 2012 issue of Kind Dining® Connection for: Ways to foster community in the dining room, especially for single residents A Kind Dining® success story that will warm your heart Ideas for winter table centerpieces A new B♥ Kind, B♥ Courteous, B♥ Service Smart tip And much more! Would you like to have Kind Dining® Connection delivered straight … Continue reading

Leave No ‘Odd Man Out’ at the Dining Table in Long-Term Living

After recently teaching my dining class in a senior care community, I had an illuminating conversation with a resident. During the class I had mentioned that staff and administrators should learn the importance of setting the table mindfully. This resident shared her frustration in seeing all the tables in her dining room set with even numbers of place settings. She … Continue reading