Engage and Prosper: Build the Culture and They Will Come

In my experience working with senior housing providers, I have seen what happens when employees find meaning in their work. I recall a teenage kitchen worker in our Kind Dining class, who shared he was just looking for work and happened to get a job in this community. His focus was all about the money.  However, after working there for … Continue reading

Satisfaction and Engagement: The Magic Elixir for Stellar Assisted Living Employees

From the most technical medical journals to health magazines, from survey after survey,  medical research findings after medical findings, one thing is clear: positive human contact promotes healing and health. Positive human contact keeps people alive.  Positive human contact is why we are all here, making life richer and deeper through our connections to the other. A satisfied employee is … Continue reading

Founding Fathers And The Fork

What About The Fork? As you look down at a place setting, the thought “this tells me the history of mankind” probably doesn’t enter your head. You are thinking more along the lines of “is all the tableware in the right place and does it look inviting?” The latter is good thinking in the moment; the former question requires a … Continue reading

Person Centered Dining Begins at Home

What does Pope Francis and Kind Dining® have in common? Both advocate for relationship building around the family table. A recent news clip, caught my eye! The Pope is urging those who are glued to their “devices” to put them down during family meals. He said; “Sitting at the table for family dinner, sharing our meal and the experiences of … Continue reading

Does Your Culinary Team Huddle? Why it Matters.

As communities transform their dining environments, employee’s fear of change often rises up as an unspoken and unsettling barrier to success. I’m an advocate for after meal team huddles, and here’s why. As a leader: You quickly create an opportunity to reconfirm staff for their effort and contribution after they have successfully accomplished an important job. Everything may not have … Continue reading

A Sense of Purpose in the Dining Room, Get Your Staff Fired Up!

Last week I spoke about how I found my purpose and how Kind Dining® was born. What my clients love the most about Kind Dining® is that it gives managers the tools to show their staff how to find their sense of purpose while preparing, serving, entertaining, and cleaning up around mealtimes. So, why is instilling purpose important and how … Continue reading

How I Found a Sense of Purpose and the Birth of Kind Dining

Thirty years ago when I entered a career in healthcare food service, I, like everyone else had to start at the “bottom.” At times, I felt the sting of being treated as if food service were on the lowest rung of the organizational chart. It felt awkward at first, like I was just there to clock in and clock out … Continue reading

Caregiving Staff Caught In The Middle? How to overcome, “I don’t want to be a waitress” attitude in your dining rooms

Just like in an orchestra, where musician’s practice from individual sheet music to deliver a unified audience pleasing performance, in a successful dining room, every staff member needs to perform their individual part to please diners. In your community, do you have some employees who aren’t willing to lend a helping hand? It seems like a standard issue in every … Continue reading

Ownership….Tips to Beat Staff Apathy and Improve Empathy

Today I got to thinking about Ownership…. My client and Kind Dining® Instructor Kathy called me yesterday and told me that the Licensed Nurse Aides (LNAs) serving meals in their restorative dining room came to her and asked permission to buy decorative baskets for the tables. She was both shocked yet delighted, smiled, and reiterated, “This is your dining room!” … Continue reading

Intern Andrea Cox’s “ah-ha” Experiences With Great Dining Service

I enjoyed working with Cindy Heilman and Janelle Asai in my geriatric rotation this term, it validated my choice to work as an RD in geriatric nutrition as a career! I had several take-away thoughts that changed my perspective about dining; My first was about empathy; Considering the barriers some of the elderly face regarding eating, such as visual impairments … Continue reading