Caregiving Staff Caught In The Middle? How to overcome, “I don’t want to be a waitress” attitude in your dining rooms

Just like in an orchestra, where musician’s practice from individual sheet music to deliver a unified audience pleasing performance, in a successful dining room, every staff member needs to perform their individual part to please diners. In your community, do you have some employees who aren’t willing to lend a helping hand? It seems like a standard issue in every … Continue reading

Ownership….Tips to Beat Staff Apathy and Improve Empathy

Today I got to thinking about Ownership…. My client and Kind Dining® Instructor Kathy called me yesterday and told me that the Licensed Nurse Aides (LNAs) serving meals in their restorative dining room came to her and asked permission to buy decorative baskets for the tables. She was both shocked yet delighted, smiled, and reiterated, “This is your dining room!” … Continue reading

Intern Andrea Cox’s “ah-ha” Experiences With Great Dining Service

I enjoyed working with Cindy Heilman and Janelle Asai in my geriatric rotation this term, it validated my choice to work as an RD in geriatric nutrition as a career! I had several take-away thoughts that changed my perspective about dining; My first was about empathy; Considering the barriers some of the elderly face regarding eating, such as visual impairments … Continue reading

What Does Portland Oregon and Portland Maine Have in Common?

Kind Dining and Great Food Thank you to all who attended our Kind Dining  and Culture Change workshop at SYSCO NNE’s recent Health Care Conference and Food Show. We had a record number of participants, enjoyable connections, problem solving and story sharing.  A special thank you to David Booth and Clark Hincher of SYSCO NNE for inviting me. I enjoyed … Continue reading

The Power of Love

There is one hidden asset that has been the most powerful currency since the beginning of time and that’s love. I say hidden because love is not material or tangible, we cannot see it, not in the material sense anyway. If you think of the most powerful gift you’ve ever received in the world, chances are it wasn’t in a … Continue reading

Relationships: 3 Simple Tips to Build Positive Connections and Overcome Cliques and Conflict Among Residents.

Photo Credit: Jonny Negron, New York Times, “Mean Girls in the Retirement Home“ Do you notice mean girl behavior in your community? Let me help answer that – yes you do! Mean girls exist in every aspect of society. It’s all around us and you see it every day. How many times a day do you see someone acting better … Continue reading

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Love is an action. How many times have we heard the phrase that actions speak louder than words? Think of an empty word or promise that someone made in your life, and how their true actions, seemed to define reality. Kind Dining® focuses on having a servants’ heart.  It’s the action and preparation that matters, but also the follow through. … Continue reading

Contemplative senior man looking into distance

Ask Yourself: “Who Needs My Empathy Today?”

The holidays are a special time, but they can also be a lonely time. Everything about this season can be a reminder of people and days gone by. Right now, it’s especially important to be aware of behavioral changes that might signal a resident is feeling sad and/or lonely. For instance, if someone who is usually upbeat seemed subdued, or even … Continue reading

Beautifully decorated Thanksgiving table with thank you card next to place sitting

Table Tip: Give Personal Thanks

Make this Thanksgiving extra special by starting a new tradition in your community: Express your gratitude for each resident with a quick note of thanks. Purchase or create small cards and ask staff members to help. Write each residents name on the outside of a note card. Ask staff members to each fill out a few cards with a heartfelt … Continue reading