Spring Forward Centerpiece

After the winter we’ve had, it’s time for a mood lifter on the dining room tables. Don’t wait for the ground to thaw, get started on spring planting right now. Growing potted bulbs at the table will allow everyone to participate in the joy of watching flowers sprout and bloom. Involve the entire community by inviting everyone to help plant the … Continue reading

How to Give Yourself a Promotion Right Now

Wish you were part of the leadership team? You can start today. Who is on the leadership team in your senior living community? The administrator, certainly. The department managers and team leads. Who else? Are you? When most people answer that question they assume leadership comes with a certain job title. “I’m not a manager,” they might say to themselves, … Continue reading

It’a All About the Aides

Howard Gleckman, author of Caring for Our Parents recently made an important point on his blog recently: When shopping for assisted living, it’s all about the aides. “Forget about the wood paneling, and fresh flowers in the lobby,” he says, “watch the interaction between staff and residents.” He’s right. The biggest indicator of satisfaction with a senior care community is … Continue reading

4 Ways to Overcome Staffing Shortages

Long-term care staffing shortages and crippling rates of turnover have been a part of our industry for so long many people believe “this is just the way it is” in senior care. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 11 to 20% of long-term care jobs are vacant and the situation is expected to get worse now that the baby boom generation … Continue reading

Did You Wash Your Hands?

According to The Joint Commission, 33% of Medicare/Medicaid-certified long-term care providers are failing to meet basic hand-washing guidelines. As the poster says, we all know better. Dirty hands spread disease. Five common ways germs are spread: Nose, mouth, or eyes to hands to others Hands to food Food to hands to food Infected child to hands to other children: Animals … Continue reading

Mark Your Calendars for Food Day

Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable and sustainable food. Organize a Food Day event or special meal at your community on Thursday, October 24, 2013! Don’t forget to share some pics of the occasion on our Facebook page; we love hearing from you! … Continue reading

Free Health Observances Calendars and Toolkits

National Health Observances (NHOs) are a great time to educate residents and staff about health issues and healthy choices. The only problem is, finding out what is being celebrated when in time to do something about it! The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services makes it easy at Healthfinder.gov/NHO/. They have a calendar of monthly observances and lots of … Continue reading

6 Ways Nutrition Pros Need to Be Leading Now

All the recent emphasis on resident-centered care, liberalizing diets, and implementing QAPI has many food and nutrition professionals wondering, “What is my role in all this?” In some ways, we will be doing what we’ve always done: working to help people understand the connection between nutritious food and good health. In other ways, we’re being challenged like never before to … Continue reading

4 More Reasons to Improve the Dining Experience

The evidence is mounting: what we do in the dining room matters a lot. Good nutrition is a key factor in health outcomes and how well people feel day to day. But, lifelong habits and changes related to aging can make it difficult for older people to eat as well as they should. Recently there have been a number of … Continue reading