Specialty Retirement Communities: Made to Order

What will your community look like 5 or 10 years from now? It’s becoming more apparent that one size does not fit all. This article in The New York Times, Finding Communities That Connect and Nurture the Like-Minded by Abby Ellindec outlines many of the exciting transformations communities are making to attract new residents and keep existing residents engaged and … Continue reading

Seniors Share Insight on Living and Loving

We came across an article by Nico Pitney of the Huffington Post and thought it couldn’t be a more fitting piece to share in this season of love. So many good reminders and teachable tips of how to make the most of our relationships and to be mindful in the moments we get with those we care about. “#7 Take … Continue reading

Photo of Dick Weinman

The Film Everyone Working in Assisted Living Must See

The Thin Edge of Dignity Assisted Living Documentary by Dick Weinman What is it like to live in an Assisted Living Facility (ALF)? Find out from someone who knows first-hand. Dick Weinman is a retired professor of broadcast communications at Oregon State University, an author, and a former radio personality. He is also a resident of an ALF. After a … Continue reading

Cover of Love, Loss, and Laughter promotional material.

A Beautiful New Look at Alzheimer’s

After more than 10 years studying dementia and care for the elderly around the world, sociologist Cathy Greenblat, PhD, has published a book, Love, Loss, and Laughter: Seeing Alzheimer’s Differently. Watch the sneak peek slideshow by BBC News to hear from the author and see some of the images from her book–it is worth sharing with your entire staff. Greenblat … Continue reading

2014 National Assisted Living Week Logo

Music, Magic, and Being Alive Inside

It’s National Assisted Living Week and National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) has chosen “The Magic of Music” as the theme this year to showcase the integral role that music plays in assisted living residences every day. When heard the theme, right away I thought of the documentary Alive Inside. Have you seen it? I have not, but I want to. … Continue reading

The 1 Time You Should Gossip

Ever been the victim of a rumor? It’s no fun, is it? Most gossip is destructive. It tears down team spirit and ruins reputations. Wise people generally don’t pass along anything they hear on the community grapevine, but there’s one time when it’s absolutely alright to spread the word: when someone has said something nice to you about someone else. … Continue reading

Nursing home residents who are in love

Romance in nursing homes

Living in a nursing home does not change the need for loving, intimate relationships. My business is about serving seniors and my ears perk up whenever I hear nursing homes mentioned on NPR.  While driving to church my husband looked at me amused as the discussion centered on the Hebrew Home at Riverdale in Bronx, New York and their management … Continue reading

Life and Death in Assisted Living on PBS

Did you watch Life and Death in Assisted Living on Frontline last week? What did you think of FrontLine and ProPublica’s report on the assisted living industry? Did it reflect your experience with an assisted living community? If you didn’t have a chance to watch the broadcast, it is now available online at PBS.org. You can also read a series of … Continue reading

Do You Have a Dining Story to Share?

Do you have a family member living in a senior housing community? Do you work in a skilled nursing, assisted living, or other care community? Are you a resident of a senior or long-term care community? How do you feel about the dining experience in your community? We’d like to hear from you! Whether you are frustrated with the dining … Continue reading