The Dining Experience and Your Quality Indicator Survey

Last month I discussed “How the Dining Experience Affects Your Quality Indicator Survey” on the Long-Term Living magazine blog. It’s timely to consider this issue because the new federal Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) process is being rolled out across the country by Medicare and Medicaid. Check out the new QIS forms here: Dining Observation Quality Assessment and Assurance (QA&A) Infection … Continue reading

Polishing service

Each Kind Dining class offers a unique learning experience and opportunity for people who serve together to grow together.  Such was the case with Villa Crest, a nursing home and retirement center in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Embracing person-centered care to the fullest, their staff within a 12 month time-frame turned a typical nursing home dining room into an atypical dining … Continue reading

Maintain dignity in dining

Twenty-five years ago, it was common practice to feed residents in nursing homes by injecting them with pureed food by mouth via a giant syringe. Thankfully, as a society we have backed off the institutionalization of our elders. In the same way we no longer refer to psychiatric hospitals as “lunatic asylums,” or label the people inside them as “insane,” … Continue reading

Enthusiastic return on investment

I love hearing feedback after I’ve been inside a senior living community to deliver Kind Dining training. Nothing gives me more enthusiasm for pressing ahead and making a dent in the overall quality of hospitality in this industry. Of course, it needs more than a dent. It needs a big shove! Recently, I heard from a manager in Newberg, Ore. … Continue reading

Teachable Moments

Teachable moments hold great value to our efforts to move customer service forward. I checked in with Sarah, the administrator I am working with in New Hampshire. I wanted to know how things were going since my training sessions there. She sounded alarmed at first. “I’m afraid we’re backsliding,” she said. It turns out there had been an incident in … Continue reading

A True Leader

Julie is my kind of administrator. She’s energetic. And on Friday’s, she’s in the dining room serving dinner to residents in the senior living community she oversees. I love that she does that. It shows the depth of her caring. When I arrived at her community I spent some time in her office, learning the issues that were preventing higher … Continue reading

NH Administrator takes action

Every time I hear that Kind Dining training has helped make a process run smoother, or been the impetus to solve a problem, I feel overjoyed. There’s no doubt this training works, and the information in it has the power to transform community staff to be more empathetic AND competitive in this changing marketplace. After I left Villa Crest, a … Continue reading

Turtle helps break the ice

In New Hampshire, I met Turtle. She is a teenage girl, who sat at the front table during my Kind Dining seminar. I asked each person to pause and think of one thing they could do to improve their performance and make the experience for their residents better. That’s when Turtle raised her hand. “I know I’m slow at serving … Continue reading

Kind Dining goes coast to coast

Kind Dining is going coast to coast! Tomorrow I am flying to Manchester New Hampshire to teach a Kind Dining workshop and train 2 National HealthCare Corporation (NHC) partners to teach the program to their own serving staff! I love this work! Especially to experience the willingness of servers to grow in their jobs when training is fun and applicable! … Continue reading

Gaining new skills and going on the road.

Thank you for reading my Blog. I have been transforming myself this last year. Growing my business and reaching out to a broader market via my website, my LinkIn profile and my current customers! I spend a lot of energy challenging the teenagers and adults I train through Kind Dining, to grow as people, become Smart Learners, and commit to … Continue reading