Oregon Food Code Changes Adopted

As we reported in the May 2012 Kind Dining® Connection, Oregon has adopted the 2009 FDA Food Code. If you’ve been following the reports in the news, you know there has been some discussion back and forth about the “No Bare Hand Contact” rules, which has become a little confusing and set the adoption date back somewhat. Oregon Health Authority … Continue reading

How Much Time Do Residents Spend on Meals?

Have you ever noticed how often residents in your senior living community comment about the food and dining room? How many times do they check the menu or ask a staff member, “What’s for dinner?” Does it sometimes feel like mealtimes are the only thing on everyone’s mind? Consider the amount of time residents spend preoccupied with dining and you’ll … Continue reading

Today: United Natural Food Institute (UNFI) West Tabletop Show

At the UNFI West Tabletop Show today checking out tasty organic products. If you’re at the show too, find me on the convention floor; I’d love to say “hi”! You know, as senior living communities serve more and more Booomers, natural foods and sustainable practices are becoming more and more important to meeting client expectations. Embracing the “green” revolution—at whatever … Continue reading