Insight #1-Sharing personal information…

What I find most often when talking with teens and young adults serving meals to residents is that they are just coping with how to address uncomfortable situations with residents. Most try to be polite, many admit to not having enough patience, and some are plain honest about their own rudeness to discourage uncomfortable conversations. … Continue reading

Kind Dining training insight #1, #2 of 2009

Flying into Missoula was a bumpy ride, but I felt surprisingly calm for me! I was excited to get there to teach Kind Dining training, and was determined to put this roller coaster like plane ride in a new context, as part of my normal commute to work! … Continue reading

On to Missoula….

I just booked a flight to Missoula Montana. I have never been there and in the last week of this year I will be teaching Kind Dining training to the serving staff in an assisted living community. I look forward to meeting their servers and Dining Director, who will come to Portland in January to attend my first Kind Dining … Continue reading


Welcome to my blog! Its purpose is to create dialog about providing better service at mealtimes for residents living in care communities.. I find that improving service has challenges at every level of care and in every type of dining setting. Join me in sharing the challenges and successes you have. If I have learned anything over this past two … Continue reading