"We’ve always had low rates of significant weight loss, but since we implemented
Kind Dining® we have no unexpected weight losses."

Kathy O'Hara, RD, Villa Crest Nursing Retirement Center, Manchester, NH

"Our industry has been asked to do "culture change," but the words are hollow.
Kind Dining® helped us learn and work from the top down to create change our residents want."

Kathryn Kindopp, B.Sc.P.T., NHA, Administrator, Maplewood Nursing Home

“Kind Dining® training truly transformed our operation resulting in significant improvement
of our meal revenue and resident satisfaction."

Sarah McEvoy, Administrator, Villa Crest

"Within days of the training the employees had connected with Cindy’s ideas, which brought
positive results not only for the residents, but for the employees too."

Shelley Carley, RD, Director of Food and Nutrition: New York Presbyterian Hospital

The Most Successful Senior Living Communities Build
Relationships Around the Table. Do You?

Residents spend up to 60% of their day focusing on mealtimes, which means breakfast, lunch, and dinner are three of your biggest company assets. If you want to outperform your competition, use Kind Dining® to deliver dining experiences residents want at your nursing home or assisted living. Our proven staff training is a direct route to improved clinical outcomes and profitability. Start your culture change in the dining room to:

Attract New Residents ♥ Retain Staff ♥ Improve Resident Health ♥ Maximize Positive Results

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Senior Living Mealtimes: 6 Truths About Your Business You Cannot Ignore

“Cindy has a passion for food and hospitality and a unique approach to it. When you hire her to come to your community and train your serving staff, she will bring the kind of energy and expertise that reinvigorates your entire organization to embrace customer service with a new mindset, that produces positive results”.