Are You Heading to Sacramento for CALA?



Don’t miss our session on June 7th, 2016 from 10:30 to 12:00 noon!

Cindy is presenting, “Are You Making the Most of Mealtimes,” focusing on the 6 Truths About the Future of Dining You Can’t Ignore, 3 Hospitality Secrets That Can Increase Occupancy, and 5 Low-Cost Changes That Can Raise Service Quality Quickly.


We can’t’ reveal the Truths or Secrets yet, however, we will post more information and the 5 Low-Cost Changes pdf immediately after the session on our website. Go to www.HigherStandardsorg.


No? We will miss seeing you, but still want to share what you will be missing!  


Look for the June issue of our Kind Dining Connection Newsletter: 3 Things Management Must do to Reduce Employee Turnover and Succeed at Person-Centered Dining, and take advantage of our 30-day,  30% price discount, when you purchase our book; Hospitality for Boomers, a short read full of easy to implement customer service and hospitality tips. Use coupon code: CALA, for a 30% discount.


PS. If you are interested in learning more about how we Improve Staff Skills, Service Quality, and Raise Dining Standards, using our exclusive Kind Dining, 9-module training; Contact Us. 

About Cindy Heilman

Cindy is the founder and owner of Kind Dining®, which she began in 2006. She’s traveled across the country and Canada working with and training senior living communities that want to create an exceptional dining experience for their residents and staff. In addition, she certifies select professionals in her Kind Dining® philosophy and provides tools, now in an eLearning format, that make learning stick and help people put insights into action. As a result of her work, clients often share their staff has a new sense of purpose, get along better and keep their focus and energy on what matters most. In fact, she wrote a book, Hospitality for Boomers on how to attract residents and keep good team members. In her free time, she enjoys walking Oregon trails and cheering on her favorite soccer teams, the Portland Thorns and Timbers.

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