A cheerful young server pours coffee and chats with a happy resident

Making Meals Magnificent One Day Workshop in Toronto

MakingMeals Magnificent in Senior Care Communities: Transforming Dining to Improve Outcomes A Kind Dining® One-Day Workshop that includes: Transforming Dining: What seniors want now and why dining experiences are key Setting the Meal: Delivering mealtime service that exceeds expectations Building a Winning Team: Capitalizing on your community’s biggest asset–a diverse service staff Emotion Control: Maintaining exceptional dining service when things … Continue reading

M.O.V.E. Presents Lunch with Mom n’ Dad by Cindy Heilman

Lunch with Mom n’ Dad: Building Relationships with Elders and Their Families Most people come into long-term care wanting to stay connected to their family, friends, and community. If organizations are truly “person-centered” they will encourage these relationships by including family members as part of the care team and foster new relationships with staff and other residents. Mealtimes offer the … Continue reading

Headed Out to FNCE, Will I See You There?

Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) is in Houston October 19-22 Are you attending? If so, look me up. I’ll be speaking on Tuesday, session #413, with my colleague Bonnie Gerald, PhD, DTR, on Preparing for Boomers: LTC Organizations Incorporate Quality and Sustainability. Visit me on Sunday at the Members Marketplace booth #33 and receive a conference discount on … Continue reading

Are You Coming to OHCA Annual Convention & Trade Show?

I’ll be there to present How to Meet the Demanding Dining Needs of Boomers at September 16, 9:30 am – 10:30 am. If you haven’t registered yet, visit OHCAOnline.com to review this year’s offerings and sign up. Kevin Carroll is back as keynote speaker with and interesting topic: Play at Work. Look me up during the convention. I’d love to … Continue reading

OHCA Convention: How to Meet the Demanding Dining Needs of Boomers

Senior Care Leaders: What if you could … • Satisfy residents in such a way that they’ll recommend their friends move in? • Retain staff and make your community a better place to work? • Boost customer satisfaction, resident rapport and employee morale while improving your competitive edge? Meals are the highlight of the day for many seniors, so, if … Continue reading

Hear the Voice, Honor the Choice

Pioneer Network’s 13th Annual Conference is coming up—August 11th through August 15th in Bellevue, Washington—and registration is now open. This is the nation’s largest annual conference dedicated solely to culture change. This year’s theme is, “Hear the Voice, Honor the Choice.” Pioneer Network is on a mission to make person-centered living the norm and it’s no secret that an industry-wide … Continue reading

Start Planning for ANFP Pride in Food Service Week Now

ANFP Pride in Food Service Week is Feb. 4 – 8 Celebrate creatively; then tell ANFP your story. You could win free registration to ANFP’s First National Leadership Conference (NLC)! In the meantime, print the 2013 Pride in Foodservice Week mini poster to hang throughout your department and facility. While you are at the ANFP site, check out the January … Continue reading

Dec 6th Webinar: How to Meet the Demanding Dining Needs of Boomers

December 6, 2012 at 1 p.m. EST Click here to register today! Presented by Cindy Heilman, MS, DTR. Sponsored by Becky Dorner & Assoc.CPE Hours: 2 What if you could help … Satisfy a community’s residents in such a way that they’ll recommend their friends move in? Retain a community’s staff as it strives to become a better place to … Continue reading