Senior Couple Enjoying Meal

Foodies and Comfort Foodies in Senior Care

Are you offering menu choices that please older diners? What’s for dinner? A classic like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, a trendy new salmon dish, or both? After decades of serving relatively basic menus, many senior care communities are hiring professional chefs and serving more trendy, upscale foods. Just in time, too. As I discuss in Hospitality for Boomers, How to … Continue reading

Will Bill Clinton stay Vegan?

Yesterday’s Oregonian article, Seniors Have Everything to Gain by Going Vegan, validates our emphasis at Higher Standards for senior care communities to get on board with redesigning menu offerings to embrace what’s trending in the youngest of a group I call our seasoned citizens. Make no mistake, there is a place for traditional meat and potatoes dishes, however, we must … Continue reading