Do You Have a Dining Story to Share?

Do you have a family member living in a senior housing community? Do you work in a skilled nursing, assisted living, or other care community? Are you a resident of a senior or long-term care community? How do you feel about the dining experience in your community? We’d like to hear from you! Whether you are frustrated with the dining … Continue reading

Q&A: Residents Taking Food Back to Their Rooms

  Q: We only offer room service when resident is sick. Our residents sometimes bring their containers up and take their food down. What do you think of this? I am in an assisted living center. A. I have experienced the same situation, with residents putting fruit into their empty water glass and taking it back to their room. I … Continue reading

Q&A: Are Boomers Really Coming into Senior Living Now?

  Q.¬†Cindy, are the Boomers really coming into senior living communities now? A. Yes. Some are walking through your doors to decide whether or not to have their parents live in your community. Others are moving in themselves.¬† It’s very important for all senior care providers to begin service improvement to meet the expectations of the Boomer generation. Take a … Continue reading

Q&A: Is Training Too Costly?

  Q. Cindy, our administrator says training is too costly. What are your thoughts? A. Anything that improves your business is bound cost something, for example: new software, copy machines, etc. Employee training, more than almost any other investment, has the potential to pay for itself. If that isn’t true, why do most parents send their kid to college? Share … Continue reading

Q&A: Liberalized Diets = Unneeded RDs?

Q. Cindy, How can RDs support the new person-centered care trend to liberalized diets? If we do this, will there be a need for RDs? A. This question comes from an RD consultant who was told by her administrator to begin implementing these changes to liberalize diets. Her concern is very far from the truth. There is a lot of … Continue reading

Q&A: Motivating Servers

  Q. Cindy, how do you motivate servers who say they don’t want to be “waitresses”? A. I find the biggest reason for this reaction is staff members who do not understand the value of their role as a server. Once they do, they begin to take pride in the difference they make for your organization and in the lives … Continue reading