Does your food serving team’s pay envelope show how much you value them?

April was having a conversation via a computer Messenger with a friend who called her for advice about how to choose a senior living community. She now lived in a different state so she couldn’t move to April’s community. “Do you remember when I was in the hospital before you moved to your daughter’s?” “Sure do. You were complaining about … Continue reading

How much time is devoted to training a food serving team in your community?

  Recent polls reveal that most senior living communities spend less than two weeks training new employees. A food serving team gains its confidence when they know what their responsibilities are and that they are doing their job with peak performance. To expect good performance it is imperative to provide the best tools-good training and enough of it. Two weeks … Continue reading

Do you tell a food server you admire their style when you see them providing wonderful service?

Martha sat on a bench in the park sharing an impromptu picnic lunch on Sunday afternoon with her friend Kathryn.  She was bubbling over with excitement stumbling to find the right words after she told Kathryn that she had important news to share when she just let them tumble out. “I’ve been chosen as Employee of the Month!” she said. … Continue reading

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Are your food servers your goodwill ambassadors?

Meal and snack times are still the most important hours of the day for Senior Living communities. That fact makes it most important to have the cream of food servers. They are the window of customer service on the job multiple times per day. The food servers are the community’s ambassadors working on your behalf. You want them to have … Continue reading

Is your food serving team aware of other ways to serve your residents?

Is your food serving team aware of other ways to serve your residents?

A table of six artists gathered together at their local cafe after having their COVID 19 vaccinations. They had stayed virtually in touch for more than a year and now rejoiced at finally seeing each other in person. At first, everyone spoke at once wanting to relieve themselves of all the pent-up information they wanted to share. When the over-excitement … Continue reading

Do your food servers know about emotional nutrition?

Read, read, reading everything that comes into view that demands my attention, and that was how I discovered the term emotional nutrition in the New York Times column of David Brooks. Ah, I am overly delighted that someone else knows what I have been teaching and persuading others to refine in senior retirement, assisted living, and other long-term care communities. … Continue reading

Do your food servers create a good butterfly effect?

Alice’s eyes fell on her daughter’s open book that showed a lovely picture of a butterfly with the caption commenting about the butterfly effect. It stated the theory that a butterfly gently flapping his wings can cause a typhoon halfway around the world. Hmm. She immediately thought about the last idea session at the retirement community where she was a … Continue reading

Have your food servers met and overcome the challenges this past year?

This past year the coronavirus took over, changed our lives and the way food servers perform their daily work. These food servers became heroes overnight along with many others in service positions. Knowing the importance of their presence in the community they didn’t stay home, call in sick or whine about long hours on the job. Food servers took ownership … Continue reading

Do you know what good leadership does?

Customer-first policy is a result of solid, forward-thinking leadership that filters down from a confident administrative staff.  A manager who serves meals on a holiday shift so a food server can have the day with her family creates a loyal team member. That server carries that respect to the residents she serves. When information from a resident is carried on … Continue reading

What is your truth about food service?

Aiden met Robert during a break after a staff meeting at his new position in a senior living community. He was rather new in the field and repeated what he learned in his earlier classes while still in school, that there was always something new to learn in keeping up with the latest in retirement living. “Yes,” said Robert, “but … Continue reading