Do your food preparers

Do your menus reflect a food serving team that cares?

“When my husband and I decided it was time to move to a senior living community, the first thing I said was, ‘I’m going to miss going out to restaurants to dine.’” Mrs. Long was talking with her friend about her and her husband’s plans.  “As seniors, after struggling financially in the early years of marriage, building careers, raising the … Continue reading

Do your food servers encourage new residents?Kind Dining

Do your food servers encourage new residents?

  Many seniors will decide to leave their present home and make their new and final home in a senior or an assisted living community. This is a lifetime decision and not one that is made lightly. When keeping this in mind, your food servers have the power to reassure any hesitancy of these new residents. Incorporating kindness into their … Continue reading

Do your coworkers form friendships with residents?

After an exchange of comments about friendships in today’s world, this true story came to me: “UPS in my neck of the woods, otherwise called a neighborhood, many of us have formed an unusual friendship . . with the UPS driver! He is so friendly, considerate and kindly that even though we only know his first name, we all consider … Continue reading

Does your staff know socializing tends to improve a senior’s health?

Healthy people who enjoy living solo know when it is time to be social and mix with friends. Living in a senior living community makes it easy. All a resident needs to do is step outside their apartment home and head for the dining room or to a planned activity event. The dining room is the central location for socializing … Continue reading

Does your staff notice any residents feeling lonely in your community?

There are no reasons to be lonely when you live in an Independent or Assisted Living community. Yet many residents have become lonely despite being closely surrounded by others in their age range and various life-enrichment activities to appeal to their interests. Losing friends and family during the recent pandemic has impacted many, allowing a feeling of isolation to settle … Continue reading

Do your food preparers

Does your food serving team feel they belong in your organization?

“I know many people, women in particular, will stay home with a salad in front of them rather than eat in a restaurant alone. I am not one of those people. I love it because I hear the best stories by listening in on what is being said around me.”  A writer friend told me this recently. She is a … Continue reading

Do your food servers treat every resident the same?

Some of the best information comes to me from friends overhearing conversations at lunchtime in restaurants. This conversation came to me from a friend: “When are they going to understand that I am not my grandmother? I am their grandmother. I am different and experience life differently. They cannot assume I will think like others my age just because I … Continue reading

Do your LTC employees stumble along, learning from mistakes made?

“While I stand in line to buy a cup of coffee at a ridiculous price to drink while I run errands, I wonder why I do these dumb things. I could easily have made a whole pot at home.” This woman’s story came to me. “You may know that I work in an assisted living community for reasons of my … Continue reading

Group of senior friends with helpful carer sitting together at the table at nursing home dining room

Does your staff create the sense of belonging in your community?

Stories come to me from all directions. As soon as my career choice is known, someone has a story for me. This one came from the laundromat while the woman’s dryer at home was being repaired or replaced. “My mother-in-law is way ahead of us. She announced last week that she has researched senior living communities and has chosen one … Continue reading

Does loneliness linger in your community?

“It’s probably a reflection of my own, if I may say, loneliness.” This quote is from the famous American artist Edward Hopper (1882–1967). He was a master at conveying loneliness and isolation in his paintings. To look at them is to feel loneliness seeping into your skin.  Morning Sun, painted in 1957, could easily depict exactly what some older adults … Continue reading