Do you show a kindness to someone every day?

When talking about the travel we did when being much younger, my friend, who prefers traveling solo, and has since she was 14 years old, told me about a time flying to England 40 years later. When she boarded the airplane, she settled in, delighted to have made early plans in order to get the window seat. It wasn’t long … Continue reading

Kind Dining

Do your employees practice kindness on each other?

“It’s Spring! Walking in the park to find a bench and have lunch was a great idea, Kelly! I’m bursting to tell you what happened to me since we had lunch together last month. Even at my age, I’m still learning new lessons to apply to my everyday living.” Colleen said. Kelly scoffed. “Have you become ancient overnight? The last … Continue reading

Do you remember a kindness someone did for you?

It may be a small kindness for you to give, but it is a major kindness when received. There are many small things we do throughout the day that we don’t think of as being important. The person on the other end of your thoughtfulness may see it as major helpfulness. Even the simple act of truly listening to someone … Continue reading

Do your food servers feel like a supporting team at work?

Coleen and Kelly were out for their monthly lunch date. They decided to go to a small, family-owned Mexican restaurant near Kelly’s neighborhood, instead of the bistro where they normally met. “Variety is the spice of life,” Kelly said as they were seated by the wife of the chef. They took a few minutes to read the menu while they … Continue reading

Senior communities Healthy lifestyle

Do you know people whose ideas of retirement living are old-fashioned?

  Tom was talking to his younger, married brother Bob about taking time to do some repairs around their mother’s house.  “I can’t be here to do all the repairs that are needed. I have to fly out tomorrow for a meeting in Chicago and I’ll be gone for ten days. It seems like one thing after another has broken … Continue reading

What advice would you give to an older adult seeking a long term care community?

Advice. We are all familiar with advice, whether giving it or receiving it. If you are over 30, you may have already followed some bad advice and suffered its results unhappily. It’s not unusual for a person starting in life after completing their schooling to ask a senior family member for advice to guide them in their life path. With … Continue reading

Do your employees know the importance of their service?

Do your employees know how important each resident in your senior living community is to your company’s success? A long-time friend who is an avid reader sends items of interest to me about long-term living, which she knows I’ll enjoy. For example, a recent article told how one woman, I’ll call her Carol, happened to visit a retirement community by … Continue reading

Is this a good time to choose a long term community as home?

Is this a good time to choose a long term community as home?

The story came to me about a couple who needed to resettle into an assisted living community where they could get the best care. Both of them had Alzheimer’s, at the same level of memory loss. Their son was alarmed, knowing that many communities right now are working with reduced staff, fearing that would endanger his parents with exposure to … Continue reading

Does your company make wise investments?

Does your company make wise investments?

Many long-term care communities are finding ways to cut expenses yet benefit their residents at the same time. One of those improvements is investing in a garden. An area is set aside for residents to participate in the gardening program of planting, maintaining, and reaping vegetables, fruits, and herbs due to their input. The kitchen is much rewarded with fresh … Continue reading

How is your food service training progressing?

After some fast-paced games of basketball, a shower, and a change of clothes, Matthew and David drove to their favorite Burger, Fries, & Beer Tavern with hearty appetites and a thirst for discussion about the latest news of their long term living communities. With so many senior care communities short-staffed, they had stories to trade with each other. A spicy … Continue reading