Kind Dining Training

Do your employees know the tremendous growth that has taken place in long term care communities?

It’s only natural that we think everyone who knows where we work and what we do, knows all about our highs and lows of the workday, during these pandemic times, including our struggles to get things right. Not so! People outside our Long Term Care, Senior Living, and associated communities have no clue about the problems we face and how … Continue reading

Does your food serving team care about your residents?

A friend of mine who lives alone and enjoys her own company often dines out on her own. She says, shamelessly, that she eavesdrops on other conversations going on around her. People carelessly reveal quite a bit over a lunch or dinner table.  Recently she heard a woman in a blue flowered dress say, “I am so glad we placed … Continue reading

Are your food servers successful?

Remember the time when you were out for a special occasion dinner in a charming restaurant where the food was all it was promised to be? And then the entire mealtime was ruined because the waiter was in a bad mood and you left the restaurant feeling that you wasted hard-earned money and your celebration went sour?  The memory you … Continue reading

Does your food serving team carry positive attitudes full of holiday cheer?

“Well, have you worn your thinking cap this past month?” Colleen asked. “I’m anxious to hear what suggestions you’ve come up with for the holiday preparation meeting.” Colleen and Kelly were having their monthly lunch together enjoying waitpersons attending to them as they waited on residents at the senior living community where they worked. They were always alert to good … Continue reading

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Does your food serving team wear red?

The holiday season is an emotional time that can be changed from having the blues and missing particular loved ones, to the idea of forming new traditions, adding new friends to your Christmas list. Very often it is a matter of suggestion and that is where your food serving team steps in. Through casual conversation, your server may open a … Continue reading

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Are you building teams that work together?

What can you do when the entire industry has been affected by the pandemic? It is vital to help residents understand why you may not fulfill every request they have at the present time. Residents really have no idea about the inner workings of your foodservice team. Neither do they realize that you have suppliers who also have a shortage … Continue reading

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Is your community full of volunteers yearning to help?

Colleen and Kelly kept their usual lunch date to discuss the upcoming employee meeting in their senior living community. So many changes have taken place over the last two years that they like to stay aware of them. They also enjoy contributing new ideas to help their workplace run even more smoothly. At the present moment, they are working with … Continue reading

Were you uncivil today?

”Well, I could hardly wait to call you to tell you that my daughter Kate had a class at school in Civility this week. It referred to last August being National Win with Civility Month.” Dolores was talking with her brother Robert. She often discussed problems that arose in the retirement living community where she worked.  He enjoyed giving his … Continue reading

Kind Dining

Does your food serving team retain enthusiasm through the challenges they meet?

You may ask how your food serving team can be expected to retain their enthusiasm on the job when times, such as this past year have brought challenges they were not prepared for. Now that Long Term Care, Assisted Living, and Independent Retirement Communities have contained the fast-spreading of coronavirus the food serving team has the right to pat themselves … Continue reading

Does the success of your Community come from the kitchen?

Does the success of your Community come from the kitchen?

John and Paul have been challenging each other to a game of chess since they both had a full head of hair, a wife, and young children. When John was widowed after nearly 50 years of marriage he moved into a Retirement Living Community. A few years later Paul followed his lead. They are still trying to outsmart each other … Continue reading