Care For Those Who Once Cared For Us

An elderly man was struggling to eat as he dined with his son in a restaurant. Others looked on in disgust as he dropped food on his shirt and pants. But then, when he finished eating, his son stood up and taught everyone a lesson they’d never forget. Save … Continue reading

Life Gets Better At Any Age

Life gets better when we put our heart into our work at any age!  One of the best parts of teaching Kind Dining® is listening to servers, especially young adults, about how they experienced a special unforgettable moment with a senior diner that changed their perspective toward seniors and sense of purpose for coming to work. They are often surprised … Continue reading

Words Of Wisdom From The World’s Most Famous Senior Citizens

Listening to the wisdom of elders is invaluable.  Fame often comes out of wisdom shared on a global scale, as people pursue their individual talents, passions, and goals throughout their life.  The best definition of success I’ve seen is, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”  And, whether it’s to become an actor, doctor or wife and mother, … Continue reading

Dick VanDyke Gives the Advice Just ‘Keep Moving’

To mark his 90th birthday, Dick Van Dyke has published a book with tips on how to stay young. He is such a positive person and memorable icon in my generation. His new book should be inspiring and full of sage advice… Read Full Article posted on NPR October 11, 2015 … Continue reading

Remembering Moments of Holidays Past

As we move in to the holiday season our senses become engaged as we encounter smells, tastes, and sounds that can instantly bring us back to memories of holidays past.   Movies are an example of how some people are able to relate back to past holiday moments. Read more about this in an article titled Seniors’ Holiday Movie Memories.  … Continue reading

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The Great Thanksgiving Listen is a pilot project started by StoryCorps which engages people of all ages to listen and be thankful for the stories our elders have to share.  Although this project is designed for school age students, the concept is a welcome one for everyone to join in on the historic effort.  All you need to participate is … Continue reading

In Kind Dining, We Get to the Heart of Empathy

An important element of caring for older adults as they share meals together is for staff who serve meals to fully grasp their own changing role and responsibilities around the table. The cultural shift in service quality requires servers at all levels of care and from all departments to demonstrate empathy. Listening to your own residents or watching short videos … Continue reading

Amazing Things Are Possible With Intergenerational Programs

Came across the following news story and found it to be a great example of how to think outside of the box and integrate multiple generations under one roof. If the option of space for a day-care on your compass isn’t possible that doesn’t mean there are no options.  Consider inviting a local pre-school class in for an ice-cream social … Continue reading