Does your company make wise investments?

Does your company make wise investments?

Many long-term care communities are finding ways to cut expenses yet benefit their residents at the same time. One of those improvements is investing in a garden. An area is set aside for residents to participate in the gardening program of planting, maintaining, and reaping vegetables, fruits, and herbs due to their input. The kitchen is much rewarded with fresh … Continue reading

Is the pandemic the only cause of losing food serving staff?

The pandemic has trimmed many workforces in our long-term care communities. Yet if you read the articles about the industry of food service, you will find that many employees leave the job within the first 90 days because they didn’t know what their work responsibilities were or how to perform them. The simple answer to that seems to be clear. … Continue reading

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Do your employees know the tremendous growth that has taken place in long term care communities?

It’s only natural that we think everyone who knows where we work and what we do, knows all about our highs and lows of the workday, during these pandemic times, including our struggles to get things right. Not so! People outside our Long Term Care, Senior Living, and associated communities have no clue about the problems we face and how … Continue reading

Would your employees enjoy sharing the news?

Kelly was so charged about her new idea for the next employee meeting that she could hardly concentrate on a menu choice at their favorite lunch Bistro. “We’ve talked to our residents about being unable to order some foods and stock items right now that aren’t available because of the Covid pandemic. Sharing our difficulties has raised understanding between residents … Continue reading

Do you know the wisest decision to make for your company?

                  A friend recently sent this to me after seeing the body of work curated: “Researchers have confirmed what parents have known for a long time. Sharing a meal is good for the spirit, the brain, and the health of all family members.” Anne Fishel, Ph.D. “There is no better classroom than … Continue reading

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Do all your food servers take pride in their work?

  It is time to stand back and examine where your budget from last year succeeded your desires or failed them. In these times of severe labor shortages, if you have lost employees this past year you need to know why and how you can prevent losing employees ever again. Did you provide them with the best training possible, not … Continue reading

Do you remember that the service you give has the power to build community?

Sometimes in the rush to get our work responsibilities completed in a timely manner, we overlook what is the most important part of our job in a senior care community. It is the residents who have changed their lives completely, often selling the family homestead, leaving family, friends, and relatives behind in the neighborhood, at an advanced age, to start … Continue reading

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Do your food servers practice courtesy skills in their everyday communication?

A friend recently told me about a note she received from a friend who had just moved into an assisted living community several states away from where they lived. Their friendship covered many years. It held the following message.  “My move into the assisted living community went smoothly. My son will tend to the selling of the house and my … Continue reading

Investing in training young food servers results in years of returns to the company.

Labor shortage couldn’t come at a worse time for Long Term Care and Retirement Living communities! The largest number of people is reaching retirement age than ever before and they are living longer! This is no time to be short of food serving staff. Yet with the pandemic, we’ve experienced that is exactly what communities are facing today.  With the … Continue reading

Does your company invest in your employees?

“I’m concerned that my company may be in trouble,” Matthew commented. “We’ve lost too many of our staff for various reasons and it isn’t easy to replace them. We’re trying different ways to encourage them to stay, including increases in pay. It should work if that is a deciding factor for someone planning to leave us to go to another … Continue reading