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Ready to improve the dining experience at your senior living community?

Happy senior men eating together after their retirement home worked to improve mealtimes.

Residents in your community come to the dining room every day seeking a bonding experience. When they find it, they feel at home. Your community becomes their community and their sense of belonging leads to greater satisfaction and happiness.

When you improve mealtimes, you will find many other things improve too: resident satisfaction, staff engagement, and organizational results. Studies show happy diners are happy residents, which equals a more successful community.

Your staff’s behavior will determine the kind of community you have, and the training you choose determines the kind of staff you have. Teaching servers to foster an ambiance of our unique brand of hospitality in your dining room can quickly and fundamentally impact the collective psyche of the entire community in ways that positively impact your results.

Kind Dining® online and on-demand curriculum is evidence-based, values-driven, and promotes equity in your community. It is a turn-key system for teaching dining servers from all departments to improve mealtimes by creating a welcoming environment and supporting socialization at the table at every meal.

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