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Offer your senior care audience a whole new perspective on dining service that attracts residents, cuts staff turnover, and maximizes profitability. Cindy is available for 1-1/2-hour presentations, half day workshops or full day workshops designed for long-term care leaders including owners, administrators, managers, food service and nutrition professionals, nurses, and social service professionals.

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Transforming Dining: What seniors want now and why dining experiences are key

Session Description
transforming-dining-600“Transforming Dining” is designed to broaden participants’ understanding of why resident-centered dining is beneficial to the health and well-being of senior care communities and the residents they serve. It introduces culture change terminology, discusses the senior marketplace, new regulatory and industry expectations, the growing senior demographic with emphasis on the Baby Boomer generation, and the advantages of learning skills to improve communication between all stakeholders. It prepares participants to take a leadership role in the process of transforming dining customer service and creating deeper relationships between residents and staff at mealtimes.

Session Objectives
At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of mealtimes, and the industry-wide culture change taking place right now, to their organization and the residents who live there
  • Realize how to use mealtime hospitality as a tool to fulfill their organization’s mission and financial goals.
  • Identify 4 key leadership initiatives required to raise dining service standards and implement resident-centered dining
  • Recognize the first 5 steps to take when transforming dining service to reap organizational and clinical benefits.

What people are saying after Transforming Dining


Setting the Meal: Delivering mealtime service that exceeds expectations

Session Description
setting-the-meal-600“Setting the Meal” discusses the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to ensure that mealtimes meet residents’ and company expectations. Ways to incorporate healthy food options and dining choices are explored, along with community-wide activities that support a superior dining experience, such as gardening and special themed dinners. It teaches specific, easy-to-implement changes that can be made to improve dining service immediately, ideas for marketing your new dining program, best practices for pre-service planning and training that protects the integrity of meal service, and how leaders can address resistance and other barriers to success.

Session Objectives
At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Assess their own communities’ dining service and spot the gaps between what residents expect and staff delivers
  • Implement 5 changes immediately that will improve dining service
  • Recognize ways to increase food choices and dining options and build a stronger sense of community around transforming the dining experience
  • Identify menu choices that are trending now and understand the importance of liberalized diets to supporting health, dignity and independence among residents.
  • Realize obstacles they may face while raising service standards and ways to overcome those obstacles through positive leadership

Building a Winning Team: Capitalizing on your community’s biggest asset—a diverse service staff

Session Description
building-winning-team-600Staff behavior determines the ambiance in your dining room and your training and coaching efforts determine staff behavior. Teaching servers to foster an ambiance of genuine hospitality in the dining room can quickly and fundamentally improve results communitywide. But, too often management feels staff diversity is an insurmountable barrier or hospitality skills “can’t be taught.” “Building a Winning Team” explains why language barriers and cultural differences are not the primary culprits when dining service fails to meet residents’ expectations. It teaches why and how you can train your staff to engage residents, use appropriate etiquette, and deliver dining customer service that satisfies.

Session Objectives
At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand why cultural diversity among service staff is an asset to senior care communities
  • Identify why staff need to engage residents through proper use of etiquette, support for socialization, and superior customer service skills
  • Recognize how to build and lead a service team that is able to meet or exceed resident, organization, and surveyor expectations
  • Understand how to coach and train using methods proven to foster the caring nature of staff, boost service connectivity, and change staff behaviors for the better

Emotion Control: Maintaining exceptional dining service when things go wrong

Session Description
When polled, servers most frequently request help handling complaints and special service challenges. Dining success requires teaching the emotional and social skills staff need to handle these tough situations gracefully. Studies show over 85% of dissatisfied clients can be brought back around with efficient, sincere service recovery efforts. In addition, staff with adequate emotional skills have been shown to perform better and stay longer. Emotion Control teaches how to reduce complaints through increased satisfaction and techniques that can be used when something goes wrong. It explores the emotional complexities of serving the elderly and how leaders can provide critical staff support to foster a strong service culture organization-wide.

Session Objectives
At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify ways to avoid problems that lead to the most common dining complaints
  • Coach staff to respond appropriately to resident and family concerns so relationships are maintained, possibly even enhanced
  • Recognize the emotional complexities of the servers’ job and the importance of supporting their emotional well-being on the job
  • Begin developing a community culture that embraces service, empathy, and genuine hospitality

Mealtime: The Most Important 60 Minutes of Your Business Day

Designed as a quick overview for executives, this presentation explores:

  • The importance of dining to residents and the organization
  • How servers can be valuable company assets
  • Steps senior living communities need to take now to meet the new regulatory guidelines and stand out from the competition.

Mealtimes are the most important 60 minutes of your business day because they are the most important 60 minutes of residents’ day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, you have the opportunity to increase resident satisfaction, attract new move-ins, improve outcomes, and maximize your profitability.

The question is, does your organization have the attitude, knowledge and skills to turn dining experiences into major company assets?

How to Meet the Demanding Dining Needs of Boomers

What if you could …

• Satisfy residents in such a way that they’ll recommend their friends move in?
• Retain staff and make your community a better place to work?
• Boost customer satisfaction, resident rapport and employee morale while improving your competitive edge?

Meals are the highlight of the day for many seniors, so, if a senior living community improves their dining customer service, residents are likelier to recommend it to their friends and family, attracting new move-ins. How to Meet the Demanding Dining Needs of Boomers explores how to create a hospitality program that will help your organization build strong community relationships, stay on the competitive edge, and exceed quality service standards.

In this session, you will:

• Explore the centrality of dining to community
• Identify the fundamentals of hospitality and the Boomer demands communities must embrace now
• Examine resources to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s trending with Boomers

What people are saying after How to Meet the Demanding Dining Needs of Boomers

Loved it! Learned a lot about dining needs and Baby Boomers.
The practical tips will be immediately useful.
I love Cindy’s enthusiasm and passion for dining services.

Winning at Dining: Focus on the Fundamentals

Learn …

  • How much residents value hospitality and high quality service
  • The fundamentals of hospitality your staff needs to know now
  • Why serving meals is a team effort, and how you can build a winning team
  • How to learn and practice together to develop team culture

Making Meals Magnificent: Boost your Profitability by Teaching the Universal Language of Hospitality

Heilman-Rec-Letter-AHCA-MMMSharing meals is one of the most satisfying actions we do as humans. We talk, we laugh, we discuss, and we interact with each other. Meant for relaxation and pleasure, mealtime offers opportunity to strengthen connections. Connections your residents make over meals is vital to their happiness and sense of belonging.

Oftentimes management feels the diversity of staff is a barrier to making connections or to providing good meal service, citing language barriers, or cultural differences as culprits.  In this memorable, insightful and often humorous, interactive session Cindy outlines simple techniques that will immediately boost your service connectivity no matter how diverse a serving staff you have. In fact, the take away is that diversity is a benefit to you!  Learn why and how your staff should be engaging residents through proper use of etiquette and superior customer service skills.

What people say after Cindy’ presentation:

“The best session I attended at conference.”

“Great session.  Fun and different”

“Great, practical ideas.  Motivates me to review our dining standards with staff”

Transforming Dining: Making a House a Home by Building Relationships One Meal at a Time.

This inspirational program re-affirms what we have always known, and latest research now validates, that the quality of social connections at mealtimes affects residents’ overall well-being. Meaning the actual condition of their health! It also affects their general happiness with living in your community.  Happier residents attract more residents!  Whether they receive their food in their rooms or in community dining spaces, residents interact with staff at each meal.  Explore with me specific techniques you can employ tomorrow to maximize this opportunity that will grow occupancy, grow your servers to make worthwhile connections, the outcome being to exceed residents expectations.  We’ll explore how to deal with common barriers and discuss different dining style options you might consider.

What people say after Cindy’ presentation:

“Has a lot of suggestions, really enjoyed presentation”

“This was a wonderful session. The speaker was very helpful!    I loved it & her!”

“You can tell the speaker has a lot of experience.  I enjoyed hearing about her history in food service.”

Metamorphosis: A Sensible Process of Change

Don’t let resistance to change delay service improvement in your community.  Cindy Heilman makes the case for a change in attitude around server and resident relationships .  She will introduce a change process that will make you laugh it is so simple. Her interactive workshop gets administrators, managers, and servers looking at dining with new possibilities. She will present concrete practical planning and training methods to make change happen and stick. Participants will;

  • Discover an attitude shift in dining leadership
  • Learn a 4-step process for change called Metamorphosis
  • Experience a practical skills training technique-one of many designed to inspire serving staff

It’s Not Just a Meal Anymore: It’s a way to energize your staff!

How you manage mealtime relationships has a measurable affect on how your resident’s enjoy living in your community. Whether your residents’ receive their meal in their rooms or in community dining spaces, a human being delivers it. Join our interactive session to learn core knowledge, discuss valuable skills and behaviors your servers must do to keep them self-confident, engaged and enjoying serving meals.  Our goal is to keep your dining room service up to date, comfortable to eat in, fun to work in, and attractive to incoming Boomers.  Learn the secrets to exceed residents’ expectations and key management initiatives you should implement to optimize their dining experience.

Transforming Dining Workshop: Exploding the Myths that Keep Dining in Status Quo

Staying on the cutting edge of culture change in dining is vital in today’s economy.  The next generation of Baby Boomers is arriving. There will be more of them and competition will be keen. They bring higher standards of living and higher standards of dining service expectations. Most communities are in various stages of making improvements in dining service levels, and trust me it gets a lot easier if you have no fear that regulations are holding you back. In this interactive session we discuss how to get your staff comfortable with moving forward, why it is important to them, their residents and we tackle the most common mythsaround regulations head on



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  1. I attended the OHCA Conference on Feb. 7th 2019 in Wilsonville Oregon – Overall the conference was not what I had hoped for until I attended your presentation. Your inspiring message made the conference worthwhile to me – I wish to speak to you organization about a workshop…
    Thank you…

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