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What keeps your food servers on the job?

Mary was new to this senior long-term living community. Susan recognized that and struck up a conversation with her as they filled lunch carts to deliver to residents. Susan asked how she came to work here as a food server. “I worked at a different facility for five years,” Mary said, “and I wasn’t happy there anymore. A new food … Continue reading

Do you know what good leadership does?

Customer-first policy is a result of solid, forward-thinking leadership that filters down from a confident administrative staff.  A manager who serves meals on a holiday shift so a food server can have the day with her family creates a loyal team member. That server carries that respect to the residents she serves. When information from a resident is carried on … Continue reading

Do you consider meal times for your marketing plan?

Mealtimes are still your best marketing. Resident-centered food service is where your community quality shows through the strongest. The focus is still on the residents’ preferences and necessities whether making their meal choices from a menu or special food stations in each corridor that are being utilized now within pandemic guidelines of social distancing. The presentation may be different since … Continue reading

What is your truth about food service?

Aiden met Robert during a break after a staff meeting at his new position in a senior living community. He was rather new in the field and repeated what he learned in his earlier classes while still in school, that there was always something new to learn in keeping up with the latest in retirement living. “Yes,” said Robert, “but … Continue reading

Have your food servers adapted to new changes in your community?

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. That is what many senior living communities learned in 2020. It was a year when hard decisions had to be made in quick time that would certainly benefit residents as they were the main object of consideration. We are living and working through historical, hard, and divisive times. People tend to bring out the … Continue reading

Do your leaders interact with food servers at training sessions?

Leadership is no more about telling people what to do than good training is about being told what to do. Leaders of quality prefer a do–as-i-do rather than a do-as-i-say belief. They attend all meetings that are designed for food server participation so they can hear exactly what the food serving team has to contribute; their ideas, thoughts, and what … Continue reading

Do you trust your food servers to make snap decisions?

“The late James Beard said, ‘Food is our common ground, our universal experience.’ He was not only a great chef but also an instructor, TV personality, and you’ll find at least 4 of his cookbooks on my kitchen bookshelf,” said a woman socially distanced by eating her salad at the far end of a picnic table during their lunch break … Continue reading

Do your food servers know they are heroes ?

Sally had no idea that within a short period of time she went from being just a food server in a senior living community to be a hero. That’s what COVID-19 did for many faithful employees. Sally never gave it much thought. She just came into work, did her job as best she could, and went home. Now she realized … Continue reading

Have you adapted to food serving changes brought about in 2020?

Alice was walking down the hallway and telling a new coworker that it has been a year that she wasn’t sure the community would get through. ‘Here it is, behind us, and we have overcome some difficult hardships, made tough decisions while keeping the safety and comfort of our senior care community. We were continuing our everyday service in the … Continue reading

Do your food servers eat with their teammates?

Like never before, teamwork in the Assisted Living and Long-Term Care communities have been vital. The sudden transition of formal dining rooms, cozy corner in-house cafes, and food courts shut down because the pandemic has required food serving teams to make drastic changes to their normal routines and styles of serving meals. It generally takes time and practice to put … Continue reading