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Culture change helps you to Love what you do!

Mary was talking on her cell phone lamenting to her mother about turning 30 and facing new challenges and changes. “Hah!” Her mother laughed and wished her a Happy Birthday. They lived on opposite coastlines of the country and couldn’t be together to celebrate. “You have no idea about changes,” she said. “The women moving into our Senior Living Community … Continue reading

 Does your food serving team help to build trust and heal lost relationships? 

Your employees may not realize it but the attitude they carry as their work responsibilities are being completed sends a message out to everyone who comes anywhere near them. As they go about conducting their duties, residents are exposed to their presence. Think about how a pleasant ‘hello’ or a random grumpy scowl affects you as you walk past someone … Continue reading


Do your food servers let ‘getting their work done’ interfere with being kind?

It isn’t only a resident that can be a bully! Sometimes a member of the food serving team is a bully and creates difficult problems to overcome. Other members of the team may not want to ‘tattle’ on the person thinking it may reflect badly on them. They may fear losing their own place on the team or face retaliation … Continue reading

Kind Dining Training

Does your food serving staff support harmony, communication, and team building?

Chad was talking to Sherry during their lunch break after a morning training session. “I like this new routine of discussion meetings every week and the training refresher course we’re taking. To be honest with you, I didn’t think I needed it. After all, I waited tables in a fine dining restaurant for five years before I came to the … Continue reading

Do you know what management skills to look for when hiring someone new?

Helene talked on the phone with her friend Roseanne bringing her up to date on a particular position she applied for in a retirement community in her nearby town.  Roseanne had alerted her to the opening. “I went for my second interview, which was held over lunch in the restaurant in town,” Helene told her. “I’m sure the lunch wasn’t … Continue reading

When interviewing candidates for managers, do they have genuine attitudes of hospitality?

Rumor has it that Henry Ford would read a candidate over lunch to determine if they were suitable for the job. If the person salted their food before tasting it, he would discount them immediately. He believed the habit divulged the individual to be a weak decision maker and would not gauge a situation before taking action. When interviewing a … Continue reading

Does your food serving team’s pay envelope show how much you value them?

April was having a conversation via a computer Messenger with a friend who called her for advice about how to choose a senior living community. She now lived in a different state so she couldn’t move to April’s community. “Do you remember when I was in the hospital before you moved to your daughter’s?” “Sure do. You were complaining about … Continue reading

How much time is devoted to training a food serving team in your community?

  Recent polls reveal that most senior living communities spend less than two weeks training new employees. A food serving team gains its confidence when they know what their responsibilities are and that they are doing their job with peak performance. To expect good performance it is imperative to provide the best tools-good training and enough of it. Two weeks … Continue reading

Do you tell a food server you admire their style when you see them providing wonderful service?

Martha sat on a bench in the park sharing an impromptu picnic lunch on Sunday afternoon with her friend Kathryn.  She was bubbling over with excitement stumbling to find the right words after she told Kathryn that she had important news to share when she just let them tumble out. “I’ve been chosen as Employee of the Month!” she said. … Continue reading

Thank you

Do your food servers and staff know how much they are appreciated?

Appreciation Day in Assisted Living and Long Term Care communities is a way of saying thank you for the personal attention your food servers and all employees extend to the residents they serve. It is a way of saying that we, the company, care about you, too. This past, long year of the pandemic has brought all those who serve … Continue reading