Do your LTC employees stumble along, learning from mistakes made?

“While I stand in line to buy a cup of coffee at a ridiculous price to drink while I run errands, I wonder why I do these dumb things. I could easily have made a whole pot at home.” This woman’s story came to me. “You may know that I work in an assisted living community for reasons of my … Continue reading

Does your food serving team bring holiday cheer along with the meals?

It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol, Little Women, and Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer are a few from a long list of stories of Christmas where kindness wins the day. Winter Holidays, no matter which one you celebrate, are a time for generosity, thoughtfulness, and kindness . The holiday season can be exceptionally difficult for … Continue reading

What do your food servers see during the Holidays?

Close your eyes, think of the Winter Holidays coming up, and what do you see? Perhaps a Christmas tree in the background, hear Christmas carols being sung, but you ‘see’ family and friends gathered around a festive dinner table, no matter which holiday you celebrate. It’s the table that holds the warmth, celebration, camaraderie, and feelings of joy! It’s about … Continue reading

What makes your residents truly feel like they belong to your community?

Once the experience of moving into an Independent Living Community happens, the older person has found a place to belong, enjoy, and begin a new chapter in life. There comes a time to let younger families take care of house maintenance, repairs, and household responsibilities. It’s time for the elder of the family to step into the hustling, bustling center … Continue reading

Group of senior friends with helpful carer sitting together at the table at nursing home dining room

Does your staff create the sense of belonging in your community?

Stories come to me from all directions. As soon as my career choice is known, someone has a story for me. This one came from the laundromat while the woman’s dryer at home was being repaired or replaced. “My mother-in-law is way ahead of us. She announced last week that she has researched senior living communities and has chosen one … Continue reading

Do your food servers notice when a resident has lost her appetite?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately one-third of all older adults live solo. Many of these people are lonely, which can happen even when surrounded by others, as in a senior independent living community. Not all widows have the confidence to approach others to open conversations and make new friends. It isn’t easy for everyone to do. It can … Continue reading

Does loneliness linger in your community?

“It’s probably a reflection of my own, if I may say, loneliness.” This quote is from the famous American artist Edward Hopper (1882–1967). He was a master at conveying loneliness and isolation in his paintings. To look at them is to feel loneliness seeping into your skin.  Morning Sun, painted in 1957, could easily depict exactly what some older adults … Continue reading

Kind Dining

Does your food serving team still find value in the work they do?

Changing how you look at something changes your whole perspective. That is a key phrase to removing burnout from your long-term care and senior independent living community workforce. From grocery stores to art galleries, changing your product around gives your shoppers a new way of looking at what you have to offer. It freshens the atmosphere. Flexibility in work schedules … Continue reading

Kind Dining Chef

Do you ever ask if training for all staff is really necessary?

A friend told me about running into a woman she used to work with while she was out shopping. The woman looked terrible! She asked if she had been ill. “No,” the woman replied, “just tired of the same old job, the same old complaints, and the same old me.” My friend quickly decided to abandon her list of errands … Continue reading

Contemplative senior man looking into distance

Do any of your residents still feel isolated now that the pandemic has faded?

One of the huge negatives left behind after the pandemic faded is isolation. So many residents who enjoyed the camaraderie of living in an independent living community still have that sense of being left out. Many elders didn’t have a chance to bond with other residents to build a friendship when the pandemic hit. Now is the time to move … Continue reading