Kind Dining Brought to You – Online and on Demand

Kind Dining® is a cost-effective, motivating, experiential, on-demand, trainer-led, 9-
module eLearning training series. It’s designed uniquely to help organizations prosper
through creating communities of belonging and reduce the epidemic of loneliness,
isolation, and the feelings of not belonging exacerbated by Covid.

It offers immediate skill-building to develop staff professional, interpersonal, and technical
skills around kindness, civility, empathy, our unique brand of hospitality, effective
communication, food safety and serving skills that close service gaps, raise quality
standards, resident satisfaction, and staff retention across departments, beginning with the
dining environment.

Our courses are designed to assist companies that don’t have time or resources to
create their own training or need a supplement to their current offerings, while keeping
within training budgets.

We have seen effective behavior change with the ongoing implementation of the principles taught.
We recommend communities embrace an all-hands-dining or similar approach to dining

Our 9-module series delivers consistent training in a flexible format. Each module varies in
length depending on the topic, and it takes 8 hours to complete all 9 sessions.

Our training series has been approved for 11 continuing education credits, including 1 for
Ethics for Registered Dietitians, Dietetic Technicians, and Certified Dietary Managers.
As an educated, invested team, we are committed to helping you keep your food serving, ancillary staff, and your newly hired employees.

Kind Dining Modules eLearning Titles

Foundations of Great Service – Modules 1-3
1. Can we make a house a HOME? – Creating Community
2. WHO are you serving? – Respecting the Aging Process
3. What do YOU bring to the Table – How to be Successful

Nuts and Bolts of Great Service – Modules 4-6
4. Making it Personal- Knowing How to be Ready to Serve
5. The Symphony of Service – Applying What You Know Correctly
6. If I Only Had a Heart – Caring to Become Better

Maintaining Great Service – Modules 7-9
7. Emotion Control – Dealing With the Hard Parts of Serving
8. Don’t Touch That! – Preventing Food Borne Illness & Spread of Infection
9. Polishing Service – Respecting the Company that Hired Us

As a participant in this series, you will (some examples from our modules):

  • Understand your relationship with residents and how that affects their dining experience
  • Describe how the aging population is changing and how it will affect you
  • Translate the company’s mission statement into something you can get behind
  • Boost your job security and job satisfaction through learning new skills to become more confident in serving seniors respectfully and more valuable to your company
  • Know how to start service on time and set up the dining room properly, which includes place settings, personal appearance, knowing the menu, and creating a welcoming environment that will make residents feel more at home
  • Know how to “read a table” and understand visual clues
  • Handle foods and utensils safely and hygienically.
  • Serve using proper techniques and standards set by your organization
  • Start appropriate conversations using “chit-chat” skills
  • Be able to interact/communicate with peers and residents in a way that nurtures a healthy sense of community
  • Understand how to become appreciated for being of service…and much more

How much? 

The price is just $187 for the full 9-module series. 

Who should attend?

Our strong suggestion is that 50% of staff who serve meals or pour beverages regularly, part-time, full time, or on an emergency basis as called when needed. Also to include Marketing staff, Recreation/Activities, Environmental services, Nurses and Nursing teams, Kitchen staff, Executives, Housekeeping, any position that has direct contact with residents or their family members, and New Hires, and as part of the Onboarding process.

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Kind Dining 9-Module Series

After registering, a course instructor will contact you via email within 24 business hours with your login and password and a link to the online course materials. Upon receiving your login and password, you (and/or registered participants) will have 45 days to complete the coursework.

If you have questions about Kind Dining, please contact:

Cindy Heilman MSFN, NDTR, FAND
Creator of Kind Dining training for Senior Living
Phone: (503) 913-1978