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Kind Dining® (KD): Bringing Warmth to the Table

A 9-Module eLearning Training Series each w/ PDF Handbook

Self-Study Activity, Web-Based

Evidence-Based, Values-Driven, Promotes-Equity

Kind Dining® Provided Certificate of Training

CDR- Certificate Approved for 11 CPEUs, including 1 for ethics

CBDM-Certificate Approved for 11 CPEUs,

(9 general, 1 sanitation, and 1 ethics)


Description and how to purchase, register, and receive certificates for the training below for individuals, and for groups.

Developing people skills and creating communities of belonging:

Our Kind Dining® 9-module eLearning training series is evidence-based and values are driven. It offers immediate skill-building to develop staff personal, interpersonal, and technical skills to create relationship success in senior living community settings for all–service members, health care professionals, and administrative leaders.

The series delivers training in an online, on-demand format. Each module varies in length depending on the topic, features an expert instructor, and it takes 8 or up to 11 hours to complete all 9 sessions. Learners just need a computer with speakers and internet access.

All participants learn foundational methods that will prepare them for professional roles and leadership. This training curriculum specifically focuses on raising service standards and teaches unique principles of hospitality, service with kindness, dignity, courtesy, civil communication, and team skills, and how to ethically manage in the dining environment and beyond, including for those new to the workforce and unsure of their role.

Kind Dining eLearning Module Titles- (Modules not sold individually)

Foundations of Great Service – Modules 1-3

  • Can we make a house a HOME? – Creating Community
  • WHO are you serving? – Respecting the Aging Process
  • What do YOU bring to the Table – How to be Successful

Nuts and Bolts of Great Service – Modules 4-6

  • Making it Personal- Knowing How to be Ready to Serve
  • The Symphony of Service – Applying What You Know Correctly
  • If I Only Had a Heart – Caring to Become Better

Maintaining Great Service – Modules 7-9

  • Emotion Control – Dealing With the Hard Parts of Serving
  • Don’t Touch That! – Preventing Food Borne Illness & Spread of Infection
  • Polishing Service – Respecting the Company that Hired Us

Course Objectives  

As a participant in this series, you will: (samples from modules)

  • Improve your relationship with residents and how that affects their dining experience
  • Describe how the aging population is changing and how it will affect you
  • Translate the company’s mission statement into something you can get behind
  • Boost your job security and job satisfaction through learning new skills to become more confident in serving seniors respectfully and more valuable to your company
  • Examine how to start service on time, and set up the dining room properly which includes place settings, personal appearance, knowing the menu, and creating a welcoming environment that will make residents feel more at home
  • Apply how to “read a table” and understand visual clues
  • Handle foods and utensils safely and hygienically.
  • Serve using proper techniques and service standards set by your organization
  • Start appropriate conversations using “chit-chat” skills
  • Be able to interact/communicate with peers and residents in a way that nurtures a healthy sense of community
  • Practice how to become appreciated for being of service…and much more

 About the Handbook, Quiz, and Exam

The PDF handbook for each participant (located in the Resource Tab in the upper right-hand corner of the Title page of each Module) needs to be printed off or used digitally, so it’s in hand before you listen to and watch each module. Each module has a specific handbook. Throughout each course, we have challenge questions and invite learners to reflect, write, and recap their thoughts as they progress through the 9 modules and their handbooks. The Downloadable Handbook is for your individual use, not to be shared or duplicated.

Each Module has a 10-question quiz for all learners to complete. You can take the quiz as many times as you need to, in order to receive a passing score. Upon passing the quiz, (getting 80% correct answers or 8 out of 10) and submitting the Kind Dining Evaluation Form, located in the link titled Kind Dining Evaluation Form embedded in slide 19 of Module 9, is all you need to do, for your KD Certificate. Upon our receipt of the submitted Evaluation Form, we will send you via email your certificate of completion.

There are 5 additional exam questions and additional requirements for those seeking CPEUs, see the professional approval information below.

About Receiving Your Certificate of Training Completion

Passing the 10-question quiz and submitting the Kind Dining Evaluation form, located on slide 19 (the Thank You slide) of Module 9, is all you need to do and we will send you your Kind Dining Certificate of Completion.

About Professional Approval and Receiving CPEUs from CDR

The Commission for Dietetic Registration (CDR) the credentialing body for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), has approved the Kind Dining series for 11 Continuing Professional Education Units/Credits including 1 for ethics.

There is an additional 5-question exam after the 10 quiz questions in each module. Upon passing the quiz and exam, and submitting the Kind Dining Evaluation form, located in slide 19 (the Thank You slide) of Module 9, and the CDR Critical Thinking Tool, (CTT) located in the Resource Tab, next to the handbook in Module 9, we will send you your Kind Dining Certificate of Completion and your CDR CPEU Certificate of Completion.

Suggested CDR Performance Indicators: Suggested CDR Learning Codes:
1.1, 1.2 , 1.2.3, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 7050: Customer focus
2.1.2, 2.2.1 5040: Long-term, intermediate, assisted living
7.2.1 7200: Team building
1130: Verbal communication skills, presentations

Note: Numerous other CDR Learning Needs Codes and Performance Indicators may apply.

About Professional Approval and Receiving CPEUs from CBDM 

The Certifying Board for Dietary Managers (CBDM) the credentialing body for the Association of Nutrition and Food Service Professionals (ANFP) has approved Kind Dining for 11 Continuing Professional Education Units/Credits including 9 general, 1 sanitation, and 1 for ethics.        

There is an additional 5-question exam after the 10 quiz questions in each module. Upon passing the quiz and exam, and submitting the Kind Dining Evaluation form, located on slide 19 (the Thank You slide) of Module 9,  we will send you your ANFP CPEU Certificate which includes the Kind Dining Certificate of Completion. 

Topics Included

  • Business Operations – Implement cost-effective procedures
  • Foodservice – Implement Continuous Quality Improvement Procedures for Foodservice Department
  • Nutrition: Gather Data – Identify nutrition problems and client rights
  • Personnel and Communication – Manage professional interactions

Purchase Price Options, and how to Register for our Kind Dining eLearning Training Series:

After you read this information below, go to the Training Purchase Tab from our Website Home Page to purchase and register; If you have any questions that need clarification please check out our FAQ page on our Home Page or please Call or email Cindy Heilman directly at 503 913 1978 and respectively.

Purchasing Instructions


If you are purchasing and registering for yourself, there are 2 price point options: one with CPEUs, and one without. Select the option that applies to you and follow the payment process using your credit card.

After registering, a course instructor will contact you via email within 24 business hours with your login and password, and a link to the online course materials. Upon receiving your login and password, you will have 30 days to complete the coursework.

Purchasing Instructions


If you are purchasing for 2 or more people, it requires purchasing as you would for an individual purchase above. (through a credit card process). This means it requires following and repeating the individual purchasing option above, from beginning to end, for each individual learner.  The reason is that the individual learner information i.e. name, email, username and password, certificate, and confirmation of course completion, is tied directly to the individual name and email address provided with the order purchased.   Only the person whose name and email that was sent to us at the time the order is placed will receive a certificate of completion.

We offer an easier solution to placing a group order:  

If you want to purchase for 2 or more learners give Cindy a call. We have a process to streamline the order and payment process and to receive the names on a spreadsheet, we enter them directly into our platform.

As above the purchase price, is based on 2 options, and includes access for 1 individual for 30 days. Once your purchase is completed you will be sent an email, within 24 hours -48 hours with your access information.

There are no refunds after training materials have been sent. CE credit will be given upon successful completion of all required areas of the course. Online training is not shareable, not returnable, and not transferable.

If you would like to purchase for 2 or more people or have any other questions, please contact Cindy directly at, call at 503 913 1978, or fill out the Contact form on our website at

Our Kind Dining eLearning series is now available for purchase through our website now.

KD Online Options

Why do students consider Our Kind Dining® training series a valuable educational experience?

Employees, in communities where they experience Kind Dining, i.e. caregivers, nurses, administrators, recreation/activity staff, maintenance, kitchen staff, dietitians, and housekeepers, have found this education and skill set helpful and easy to apply because our curriculum provides immediate skill building and offers proven solutions that bridges service and communication gaps which affect every person’s work, their department, and the community’s success.

Here’s what they say they learned:

“Learning how to resolve problems in the workplace.” Activities/Life Enrichment

“Giving residents their food, with a good attitude and telling them what it is.” Kitchen

“Makes one more aware of their role in overall happiness for residents” Medical staff

“Remembering to take responsibility for my responses. Being more gracious to my coworkers.” Nurse

“Dining as a community event and the role of food in healing.” Nurse

“Work together, share options & smile” Kitchen staff

“Easy and manageable way to have the connection with the residents but still perform essential job duties” Caregiver

”Listening better, helping out, be a team player” Maintenance Lead

“I have been able to give someone constructive criticism because of what I learned in the modules.” Caregiver

Your peers write, in 164 responses:

90% strongly agree/agree Kind Dining helped them learn new ways to connect with residents and bring kindness and meaning to mealtimes

91% strongly agree/agree Kind Dining helped them understand the importance of dining and nutrition for resident’s satisfaction and wellbeing

90% strongly agree/agree Kind Dining helped them understand my role and the importance of teamwork to enhance dining and nutrition for residents

88% strongly agree/agree Kind Dining helped them learn proper techniques on how to serve resident meals 7 beverages

At Kind Dining:

Our online/on-demand series offers a fresh and often overlooked perspective on transforming the dining experience and achieving resident-centered hospitality.

We have always seen the dining areas as a natural environment for preventing isolation, loneliness, and unexpected weight loss among residents. And, it is the perfect place to nurture and grow the personal and professional interpersonal skills of staff serving older adults.

We focus on honoring people serving meals as the heart of the community with the power to draw residents together, strengthen inter-department teamwork, and attract more resident move-ins, and staff, who want to achieve success in their work and life.

No matter where your community resides on the culture change journey you will benefit from learning life skills that provide you an advocate’s voice while making a difference in the vital role the dining experience contributes to your success, the resident’s success, and the community’s success. Let’s get started!

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If you have questions about Kind Dining, please contact:

Cindy Heilman MSFN, NDTR, FAND
Creator of Kind Dining training for Senior Living
Phone: (503) 913-1978