What is Kind Dining Training?

A proven turnkey curriculum for senior communities that realize resident-centered/directed care is good for business.

Kind Dining® is an inspirational, online and on-demand, trainer-led, nine-module training series designed uniquely for staff who directly or indirectly serve meals in senior living communities.

Who should attend Kind Dining® Training?

KD-Web-Badge-225Servers from food service, nursing/health services, care staff, housekeeping departments, and their managers.

Kind Dining® curriculum is designed to assist companies that don’t have time or resources to create their own training. The foundation of Kind Dining® is rooted in raising service standards and teaching relational principles around our unique brand of hospitality and treating others with kindness, civility, and dignity.  Throughout the series, servers are taught to respect residents and their home environment as they perform their work.  At the same time they learn foundational serving skills and benefit from the improved atmosphere of teamwork and communication.

Why Kind Dining® Training?  It Pays!

Our training provides a measurable return on your investment in 4 ways.

  1. Boost your competitive edge.  Increase occupancy and retention rates as your residents experience higher service quality. Research* indicates the more residents enjoy their dining experience in your community the higher they rate their overall satisfaction with living there.  Happier residents attract more residents. Optimize service opportunities in each dining environment.
  2. Gain a higher return on each trained server.  Servers are powerful company assets. Kind Dining® training develops staffs’ professional, personal, and technical skills.  In this current economic climate retention rates of residents and employees are crucial. The financial loss of one resident moving out can be over $15,000, and turning over one server averages $2500-4500.  In this climate, workers want to keep their jobs and feel valued in their work.  Offering education and training that specifically emphasizes your value of the server’s role benefits all stakeholders.
  3. Reduce the risk and expense of a food-borne illness outbreak. In a comfortable learning style, we address specific knowledge, skills, and learned behaviors to improve hygenic practices and infection control that reduce outbreaks.  Prevention through ongoing education is key and far less expensive than the cost of managing an outbreak.
  4. No worries about complying with person-centered state and federal dining guidelines. Your servers gain confidence in demonstrating serving skills consistent with new quality initiatives.  Each module is uniquely designed to improve key skills and shape behaviors that residents, providers, and surveyors value.

*(Press Ganey National Trends in Healthcare satisfaction report 2006 )

Additional benefits of implementing this training:

The benefit of implementing Kind Dining® training is the consistent training principles designed to exceed service expectations, close service gaps, and create communities of belonging. Our goal is to reduce the current epidemic of loneliness, isolation, and the feeling of not belonging exacerbated by COVID.

  • The focus of service shifts to put the residents’ needs first.
  • Service quality becomes consistent in every dining area.
  • All personnel involved in serving food develop a broader perspective of their work and a greater sense of purpose.
  • Staff understand current challenges in respective departments and learn how to support each other.

The Advantages:

  • The training is ready to implement today.
  • It applies to all dining levels and styles of dining service.

How does Kind Dining® Training Work?

Our practical and experiential online courses promote active learning.  Our Kind Dining training encourages staff to participate throughout the series with a variety of engaging exercises.  The series is rich in media and designed to appeal to servers of all ages, cultures, and levels of education. Kind Dining is not a program; it’s a way of life.

Each participant receives an interactive handbook in pdf format to either print or use digitally designed to put their thoughts and ideas to reflect on, recap, and keep as they progress through the series.

As with any training, what counts is the application of the knowledge and skills beyond the training environment.

The online training is engaging and applicable for seasoned servers as well as for orienting new servers.  Our unique approach produces confidence in servers of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

End Results! Savings to your bottom line.

The end result of Kind Dining training is you and your staff have the tools to establish higher service standards and server performance levels that create a more enjoyable mealtime experience.

Our Goal…

Our goal at Kind Dining is to help you transform your community’s dining experience toward greater hospitality by providing dining service training tools and training delivery options that fit your needs, schedule, and budget. Our goal is to reduce the current epidemic of loneliness, isolation, and the feeling of not belonging exacerbated by COVID.

Continuing Education Credits for Kind Dining® Training

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 11 CPEUs, including one for ethics.