RDs and DTRs Praise Kind Dining Training

“Since we implemented Kind Dining® training, residents eat better, socialize more, and have family members come to eat with them. They are not just eating for nutrition, they are eating for quality of life. We’ve always had low rates of significant weight loss, but now we have no unexpected weight losses. Now that our dining rooms support socialization at mealtime, people aren’t eating because “the dietitian says they have to,” residents eat because they are happy and want to–and because they have choices about what they eat. Spouses and family members come frequently for mealtimes, so we’re helping to preserve those important bonds and foster new relationships throughout the community. Staff has gotten to know the residents much better and have even learned people’s dining preference, departments are cooperating like never before, and we are all focusing on meeting the residents’ needs. There are just so many aspects that have come together at once, you really need to see it to realize the depth and breadth of what is going on here–and we’re doing all this on a nursing home budget!”

Kathy O’Hara, RD,

Villa Crest Nursing Retirement Center, Manchester, NH


“Cindy definitely brought “warmth to the table” at Bethesda Healthgroup, Inc. with her Kind Dining® training. Within days of the training the employees had connected with Cindy’s ideas, and these brought positive results not only for the residents, but for the employees too. Cindy’s “passion for hospitality” continues to flourish within Bethesda Healthgroup. Thank you Cindy.”

Shelley Carley, RD

Director of Food and Nutrition: New York Presbyterian Hospital


“Dannon and I are enjoying teaching the class. The employees almost always come into the class with doubts that they should be there, especially those employees from departments other than Dining Services. Once the class gets started they all really seem to enjoy the class and usually all are participating. We have received positive feedback from EVERY person who attends the class. There are always a few staff members who stop and thank us for teaching the class and express how much they learned. We will continue promoting positive customer service through implementation of Kind Dining.”

Amy Van Oordt, RD, LD,

Director of Dining Services: Bethesda Meadow


“Cindy is a knowledgeable, articulate, polished speaker who is passionate about her work as an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) volunteer mentor and in her company, Higher Standards. Cindy often speaks on topics of nutrition, long term care, and dining services at AND and other venues. Cindy’s involvement in the food and nutrition industry is a definite asset to all lucky enough to work with her. I regard her as an expert and never hesitate to ask her advice regarding food, nutrition or business. As my mentor through the AND mentoring program, Cindy has really inspired me. Cindy, I thank you!!!”

Vera Bartasavich, BA, DTR,

Nutrition Coordinator: Nestle USA
2012 Ohio Dietetic Technician of the Year
At-Large Delegate for Dietetic Technicians: House of Delegates, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


“As a new hire of Bethesda Dilworth, it was my pleasure to recently attend Kind Dining® instruction. Just my first impressions of the course…I see how the Kind Dining principles connect with life experiences.

Thanks for your hospitality passion!”

Linda J. Seffens, MBA, RD, LD,

Director of Dining Services: Bethesda Dilworth


“Your workbook is clever, entertaining, thought-provoking, soul-searching, and full of common sense.”

Brigitte Burke RD,

NHC AVP Dietary Services: National Healthcare Corporation, Murfreesboro, TN