Licensing & Train the Trainer

Want to save significant costs by having your corporate instructor deliver this program in house?

Larger corporations with multiple communities may find it more economical to utilize current instructors, qualified administrators and/or lead managers to deliver this curriculum as an option to training through Higher Standards delivered workshops.

Having the training in house accommodates skill building for new hires, as well as offering ongoing training to reinforce your service standards, build server confidence and improve on-going performance.

Your selected qualified instructor is expected to already be proficient in basic training skills and a dedicated resource to deliver the Kind Dining® training several times each year, perhaps covering multiple licensed communities.

Your selected candidate can become certified to teach Kind Dining® training in-house by meeting the following criteria:

  • Be a participant in our 2-day Kind Dining Workshop.*
  • Meet the qualification criteria to teach the program.
  • Attend our Higher Standards 2 Day Train-the-Corporate Instructor (TCI) seminar.
  • Pay our license fee and sign a license agreement.
  • Sign our Instructors’ pledge agreeing to only train employees within a specific corporation.

*This may be accomplished by having Higher Standards deliver an initial workshop at one  of your communities, at a neighboring community or at a Higher Standards public workshop.

** Included in this certification is a limited license to use the nine modules as well as a complete instructor kit.

For pricing and to register for train the trainer instruction, contact Cindy.


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