Do your food servers understand and use empathy?

Being a top-performing food server in a senior care community is complex and challenging at the best of times. During COVID 19 it is so much more. Add being alert to the residents’ emotions, having small chit-chat handy, and being cheerful and making sure they have the resident’s meal correct to the standard usual of being neat, clean, well-spoken, and … Continue reading

What are you communicating without realizing it?

Looking at it from a resident’s point of view, after their own grooming, followed by waiting for hours for their next meal, what do they see when you enter their room? Can they rely on an enthusiastic “Hello, Mr./Mrs. …, How are you doing today?”  Can they see a smile behind the mask being worn? The smile that moves up … Continue reading

Pride in Foodservice Week: February 2-6

Pride in Foodservice Week is This Week! Celebrate February 2 – 6 Now in it’s 24th year, Pride in Foodservice Week was developed by the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals in order to recognize and celebrate nutrition and foodservice professionals for their dedication on the job. During this week, it’s encouraged that facilities take time out of their week to … Continue reading