The #2 Truth That You Cannot Ignore!

Truth #2 Mealtimes are the Core of Your Community. Mealtimes are so much more than nourishing the body of each resident. It’s a time to form new, or replenish, the friendships they’ve made in the community and their acquaintance with your servers. Socializing is an important part of their well-being. This takes place at the table. Your residents spend 60% … Continue reading

Satisfaction and Engagement: The Magic Elixir for Stellar Assisted Living Employees

From the most technical medical journals to health magazines, from survey after survey,  medical research findings after medical findings, one thing is clear: positive human contact promotes healing and health. Positive human contact keeps people alive.  Positive human contact is why we are all here, making life richer and deeper through our connections to the other. A satisfied employee is … Continue reading

Dining Satisfaction Scores Up 22% – Smiles and Celebrations All Around at St. John’s Living Center in Wyoming

Over the past 10 months, the staff at St. John’s Living Center in Jackson, Wyoming has been improving dining service, rewritten standards, and achieved positive results, under the direction and coaching of their dining committee and Sarah Graham, Staff Development RN and Kind Dining®(KD) Instructor. Here are the highlights of what they’ve accomplished; Better communication and teamwork between departments. “We … Continue reading