The Power of Love

Power of Love imageThere is one hidden asset that has been the most powerful currency since the beginning of time and that’s love. I say hidden because love is not material or tangible, we cannot see it, not in the material sense anyway.

If you think of the most powerful gift you’ve ever received in the world, chances are it wasn’t in a box under the Christmas tree.

Do you even remember what you got five Christmases ago?

The power of love is in a smile, a positive or inspirational word, a hug from someone young or old, or the caring glance of a stranger that just simply says: “I get you.”

The power of love can erase hurts, build relationships, and destroy years of words or beliefs.

Think of the power of the motivational speaker in your own life and how one book, one speech, or one person speaking positive words has given you a fresh perspective.

When it comes to dining, it’s the same. Kind Dining® means that we train servers and staff to react with kindness and interact with love.

What if you could teach your staff to pay it forward? To think about doing the maximum instead of the bare minimum, or instead of just what they have always done?

What if we could train each employee to give more and over deliver?

Let’s serve up the power of love in the dining experience.

Let’s create and train staff to become your most valuable company asset – through training that changes mindset and behavior.

This is the difference maker that will separate you from the competition. This is the game changer that offers a better quality of life, health, and well-being for residents.

And here’s the bonus –

When we train your leaders in the principles of delivering great service with love, we see the positive “trickle-down” effect that transpires throughout the community.

Let’s set new standards for the highest level of kind dining possible and serve up more than food. Let’s serve love.

Cindy Heilman

About Cindy Heilman

Cindy Heilman MS, DTR: Cindy Heilman has over 25 years of experience in enhancing hospitality, and food service standards. She is the CEO of her own company, Higher Standards LLC, and creator of Kind Dining® Training. Her unique background in restaurant ownership, in hospitality and healthcare food service, in working as a Dietetic Technician Registered and Healthcare Specialist at SYSCO Foodservices, led her to the development of her exclusive program that improves relationships and lives of aging residents through the dining experience.

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